Privacy Policy

In this policy, the words "we" , "our" and "us" refer to Qwickstart Technologies pvt. Ltd. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Only authorised personnel of Qwickstart will use any information received from you to advertise, market, share important information about our products and services.

We frequently update our data security to safeguard your personal information. In an unlikely situation where your information is disclosed without authorisation, we will investigate with a view to take civil proceedings against those responsible. This policy applies to all users who access the “Qwickstart’s web and mobile platforms” (from now on referred to as platform), therefore required to read and understand the policy before providing sensitive information.

This policy applies to platforms and any other services that are owned by Qwickstart. Third party websites may place their own cookies or other files on the computer and solicit personal information from the users, for which we are not liable. We have taken reasonable precautions as per applicable Indian law and implemented industry standards to treat sensitive information as confidential and to protect from disclosure, modification and unlawful activities.

Users are allowed to access the platform, register for courses and avail services available with us. In order to access all the features, a user is required to create an account on our platform for which personal information is required. In case of social logins like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc., you will be required to give us access to manage your personal information including contacts, friends etc. We might include optional requests in future from users to help us customize the platform to deliver personalized information to the user. Personal information may mean the name, identification number, email address, age, gender and phone number, contacts provided at the time of registration. Your personal information may be shared with third parties who have a need or authority to receive such information such as court, fraud, security issues and protect against harm to rights, property or safety of Qwickstart. Any user who disagrees with the terms of the policy is required to leave the platform immediately. We may update or amend this policy at any time, with or without advance notice. In the event where there are significant changes, we will display a notice on the platform.

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