Full Stack Web Development

This is an 100% free all in one full stack web development course. Learn and start getting jobs Easily. Starts from HTML and goes till Node js.


  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Building Your First Website | Learn HTML
  • Intro to HTML, HEAD, BODY, and HEADER
  • Lists, Paragraphs, and Text Styling
  • Displaying Data With Table
  • Learn HTML Forms, Img and Iframe Tags


  • What is CSS ?
  • How to use Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Element, ID and Class Selectors
  • CSS Colors and Shadows
  • CSS Backgrounds And Borders
  • Using browser inspector tools
  • Combinators in CSS
  • Grouping in CSS
  • Specificity in CSS
  • Text Styling And Formatting
  • Google Fonts API
  • Responsive CSS Images
  • CSS Padding And Margin
  • CSS Rows And Columns
  • Intro to building your first CSS for website
  • Building the Navbar
  • Making the Navbar Mobile Responsive, Part 1
  • Making the Navbar Mobile Responsive Part 2
  • Creating the Form Group
  • Working with CSS iframes
  • Working with CSS images and box shadows
  • Working with text and image spacing
  • Building the footer using CSS


  • Introduction to JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners
  • Javascript Quick References for faster learning
  • Javascript Comments And How to Link Scripts
  • Javascript Variables And Strings
  • Javascript Numbers and Operators
  • Javascript comparison operators and conditional operators
  • Javascript Logical Operators
  • Javascript Arrays
  • Javascript Loops (for, while, do while)
  • Javascript Functions and methods
  • Javascript Objects
  • Javascript Bind
  • Percentage Calculator & Setting Up the Form with JavaScript
  • Percentage Calculator And Grabbing Elements With JavaScript
  • Percentage Calculator using Event Listeners in JavaScript
  • Percentage Calculator Algorithm And Prevent Default with JS


  • How Version Control Works
  • Basic macOS Terminal Commands to learn Git CLI
  • Learn Git Basics and Github CLI Commands
  • Setting up Github on macOS
  • Github vs Bitbucket
  • Git Local & Remote Repositories
  • Working Through Git Merge Conflicts


  • What is Bootstrap ?
  • Downloading Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap 4 Project Setup
  • Overview of Bootstrap 4 Components
  • Understanding Bootstrap 4 Classes
  • Using the Grid System in Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap 4 Cards & Creating a Sign-in Portal Box
  • Bootstrap 4 Forms | Adding an image & input fields
  • Bootstrap 4 Adding button and labels in login form
  • Bootstrap 4 Grids | Finishing Mobile Compatibility
  • Bootstrap 4 Skate or Die Intro
  • Bootstrap 4 Working with Navbars
  • Bootstrap 4 Jumbotron and Carousels
  • Bootstrap 4 Nesting rows and columns
  • Bootstrap 4 Modals and PopUp
  • Bootstrap 4 Adding images and buttons
  • Bootstrap 4 Sizing Modals
  • Bootstrap 4 Building the Footer
  • Bootstrap 4 Working with Font Awesome Favicons


  • How to use SCSS in HTML - Intro to Sass
  • What is Sass? - SASS Tutorial
  • . How to install Sass and compile it to CSS
  • Your FIRST Sass Website!
  • Different tools to compile Sass
  • How to structure your Sass ?
  • Sass Partials Maintainable Styles Rules
  • Sass Variables and Imports | Create a clean Scalable Stylesheet - Full stack web development
  • Sass Mixins Save time & recycle styles
  • Sass Extends Share style properties between other selectors - Full stack web development
  • Final Project Intro to our Landing Page using SASS - Full stack web development Tutorial
  • . Final Project Setting up our Variables With Sass
  • Final Project Styling our Navbar with Sass
  • Final Project Creating the Banner Container
  • Final Project Adding Content to our Banner Container - Full stack web development Tutorial
  • Final Project Doing some quick cleanup in our Sass files - Full stack web development Tutorial
  • Final Project Using the Extend method
  • Final Project Styling a section splitter with Sass
  • Final Project Using advanced Mixings
  • Final Project Styling the next Container with Sass
  • Final Project Finishing our Landing Page Congrats!


  • Set Up Hosting For Your Web App
  • Creating a server
  • Accessing your server
  • Installing Nginx
  • Creating server SSH Keys
  • Uploading files to your server
  • Setting up a domain
  • Final Step Configuring Nginx
  • Understanding Web Requests

Node Js

  • Installing Node on macOS
  • Basics of Node
  • Node Modules
  • Building Your First API
  • Postman, GET & POST Requests
  • URL Parameters & Delete Requests

Mongo DB

  • Installing MongoDB on macOS
  • Working With the Mongo Shell
  • Working on Mongo Shell
  • Searching for Documents
  • Swag Shop API: Posting Products
  • Swag Shop API: Fetching Products
  • Swag Shop API: Populating Data

React Js

  • Swag Shop: Setting Up React Tooling
  • Swag Shop: Installing Bootstrap React
  • Swag Shop: Setting Up the React API
  • Swag Shop - Creating a HTTP Service
  • Swag Shop: Promises With ES6 & React
  • Swag Shop: Components in React - Website Product
  • Swag Shop: Props in React
  • Swag Shop: Working With State in React
  • Swag Shop: Creating a WishList Component
  • Swag Shop: Building a Singleton Data Service
  • Swag Shop: Creating a Notification Service
  • Swag Shop: Posting Notifications to React Components
  • Swag Shop: Observing Notifications in React
  • Swag Shop: Finishing Our Full Stack React App

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate?

You can download your certificate immediately after the course completion

If I get doubts while taking the course who will help me?

We have a great commununity in our website. You can post your questions and also share your work in the community to get answers and feeback. Everyone will support you, including the mentor.

I am a beginner can I learn this course?

Yes you can learn it. All our courses are very beginner friendly once you start we will take you till advanced level. By the end of the course you will become industry ready.

I am from a different background will I get a job?

Yes absolutely. It does not matter from which background you are from... We will make you industry ready.

Will my past experience from differnet industry be considered?

Yes it will be considered, any experience is always useful.

How our placements work?

Once you complete the course, work on project, make your portfolio, create the resume and send it to us we will forward to 100s of companies with our recommendation and you will get calls from companies 😊.

How much will be my salary?

The salary starts at Rs.15,000 per month for freshers and goes upto Rs.60,000 in just 3 years. If you are an experienced person your salary depends on current salary.

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