An educational startup funded by the students.

Qwickstart is a courses platform targeted towards helping students learn quickly and get a job by making them interview ready with the help of mentors.

Our mission

We are on a mission to help 100 million people including drop outs, unemployed youth and retired youth to multi skill and get jobs.

Cool things about us 😎

We don't have an office

All our passionate team works from work home. Because of that we have very less infrastructure costs.

We all work part-time

Though we have our full time jobs we all work late night and weekends to make this project a huge success.

We are very passionate

Our team members are extremely passionate about what we do. We work very hard to finish our tasks in time.

We run the show with minimal expenses

We believe in making our team members as share holders rather than just employees.

Our team contains...

Designers, Developers, HRs, Content writers, Marketers, SEO specialists and ofcourse our mentors.

We do not believe in degrees

There are no IITs or MITs in our team. The founder himself is a dropout from college and self taught.

Urge to learn only matters

If you have burning desire to learn and explore, experiment we are happy to take risks and we welcome ideas.

We dream big

We have big dreams to make this a billion dollar company. We aim for the moon and we are hell bent to reach it.

We care and support

Though we are working virtually we are more like a family than office collegues, we taunt, fight and love eachother.

Confused about your career? Or need help?
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We are an Indian company. Phone number is virtual. 😊
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Together let us help eachother grow personally and professionally.
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